Vacation Home Rentals by Owner in Cuba

The largest of the Antilles, one of the most growing and dynamic tourist areas in the Caribbean region in recent years, have been added to its offers several options ranging from recreation to health treatments and business.

Health tourism, cultural, conference and incentive, nautical and diving programs in specialized centers have been included to the traditional offerings of sun and sand to form a wide variety of options that will satisfy the tastes of discerning visitors.

Beach areas, heritage values​​, culture and history come together to confirm unique and attractive options available to thousands of visitors who come each year to the paradisaical island.

If this Caribbean island has became your next top destination, you’ve likely thought about accommodations in Cuba.

There are two types of accommodations in Cuba: hotel room rentals and vacation home rentals by owners.

Cuba vacation home rentals by owners are becoming increasingly popular because they are incredibly more cost efficient than hotel room rentals after the final bill is tallied.

Staying in a home rental by owner in Cuba is relatively simple and affordable if you consider that there are private homes or “casas particulares” where rooms can be rented across the island, mostly in cities of interest for the tourist or traveler. You should know that it is by far the most economical way to spend your holidays in Cuba since the price is per room per night and not per person as is usually charged in most hotels.

Vacation home rentals by owner in Cuba give you the opportunity to experience the real Cuban life style that local residents experience. Unlike most hotel rooms, vacation rentals by owner offer local and long-distance telephone services, making it easy for you to stay in contact with your friends and relatives while you are on vacation. Vacation homes by owner also have full kitchens, full cable or satellite television, and many other benefits that will remind you of home, including extra storage space, fully-furnished rooms, private bathrooms for guests and the option to invite as many friends or relatives as you’d like to your home.

By living in vacation home rentals by owner in Cuba, you’ll feel as if you are part of the Cuban culture. This is a feeling that you do not experience when you are surrounded by tourists in a hotel.

Vacation home rentals by owners allow vacationers to feel like they are still at home while they are away from home. In addition to being able to bring the entire family, at no extra cost, vacationers still get all the amenities from their favorite hotel, and some.

Today, more and more travelers are using vacation home rentals by owners for their accommodations. Vacation home rentals by owners is a proven solution that is working for millions of people across the globe, and Cuba is not the exception.