Private House Rentals in Matanzas, Cuba

Private house rentals in Matanzas, Cuba, are the perfect home away from home, and they are also affordable, making the area a popular vacationing spot. Whether you’re headed to Cuba for a short time or for an extended vacation, you can find luxury villas for rent, bed and breakfast rentals, private house rentals, and other types of vacation rental properties to suit your needs.

Matanzas is the capital of the Cuban province of Matanzas. Famous for a unique culture with Afro-Cuban folklore and popular poets, the area is sure to please people of all different backgrounds. Only 56 miles from Havana, the capital of Cuba, the area is the perfect place to stay to explore the country.

Finding private houses for rent is simple in the area, but you’ll need to know what to look for. Do you want to stay at a bed and breakfast, in a private home, or at a hotel-like luxury villa? In some areas of the city, you’ll be able to find housing that costs $210 to $250 CUC per week for four to six people. A private house on or near a beach is likely to average in this range. Private house rentals may offer a variety of amenities, so be sure to ask if you will have access to things like cable, Internet, and air conditioning.

A bed and breakfast is a great choice for those visiting for a short time or weekend. Most bed and breakfast houses will serve community breakfasts, and some also include dinners. Casas particulares, as the bed and breakfasts are called, are much cheaper than other home vacation rentals, and many will cost somewhere between $25 to $50 CUC per night.

Hostels in Matanzas may be your best option option. For around $25 CUC a night, you can be sure to find a hostel near the beach or bay. These houses often offer king-sized beds, air conditioning, beautiful views, and more. Some hostels offer breakfast and dinner as part of the package deal. At this price, many hostels have direct views of the ocean, so you will see gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. Hostels in the area, such as the luxurious Hostal OCM Versalles offer single rooms for rent and many other amenities.

If you’re looking for a penthouse, private rental houses such as the Penthouse Aurora may be perfect for you. For $45 CUC per night, this private house rental is ideal location that is close to the city and to the beach, allowing for privacy and beautiful views while being close enough to the city to travel there with ease. The penthouse is a duplex, and tenants will have air conditioning in the suite, a terrace to view the island from, and a spacious living area.

Whether you want to spend less for a longer vacation or more per night for luxury escapes, there are different vacation home rentals that offer all of the amenities you want and need in Cuba. The private house rentals in Matanzas, Cuba, range from a one-person apartment to beautiful penthouse suites that are directly on the beach, and they are affordable. Most homes and villas are under $50 per night, so you know you can afford a beautiful vacation in this popular vacation spot.