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Vacation House Rentals in Cuba

The Republic of Cuba is a Caribbean island that attracts thousands of tourists yearly. It is approximately 100 miles from Florida and is surrounded by the beautiful Gulf Coast. If this Caribbean island is one of your favorite islands to visit, you've likely thought about vacation house rentals in Cuba. Searching for private home rentals in Cuba allows you to get a glimpse of what it would be like to have a home on this island. Cuba has countless beaches, many fine restaurants, a wide variety of nightclubs and wonderful residents who are very proud of their culture, yet very welcoming to visitors.

Many home vacation rentals in Cuba have breathtaking views of the water and beautiful d├ęcor with a distinctly Cuban touch. You'll also notice that most rental homes are sturdy and well preserved. These private accommodations are never too far from one of the island's white sandy beaches. There are many types of homes available throughout the city, so you are sure to find one that will suit your taste and needs.

Before searching for vacation house rentals in Cuba, it is best to decide what type of rental you want and where you want the home to be located. You can choose to reside in an area where theaters, museums, nightlife and shopping are easy to access, or you can rent a place in a private, secluded area on the beach. If you are looking for private home rentals in Cuba to accommodate one person or a couple, you can view small beach homes, ocean-view apartments or one-bedroom cottages. If you are looking for vacation houses for rent in Cuba that will accommodate a large family, you'll be happy to know that there are many two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom rentals available on the island.

Private house rentals in Cuba give you the opportunity to experience many of the luxuries that local residents experience. Unlike most hotel rooms, vacation homes offer local and long-distance telephone services, making it easy for you to stay in contact with your friends and relatives while you are on vacation. Vacation homes also have full kitchens, full cable or satellite television, and many other benefits that will remind you of home, including extra storage space, fully-furnished rooms, private bathrooms for guests and the option to invite as many friends or relatives as you'd like to your home.

Cuba is becoming increasingly popular not only because it is a beautiful island, but also because there are so many places to see and things to do. While you are in Cuba, you can enjoy an abundance of water activities, including jet skiing, snorkeling, fishing and boating. If you decide not to go to the beach, there are many other things you can do. While traveling around Cuba, you'll notice its beautiful architecture. By living in vacation house rentals in Cuba, you'll feel as if you are part of the Cuban culture. This is a feeling that you do not experience when you are surrounded by tourists in a hotel.

If you are looking for a vacation home in an area that has a lot to offer, Matanzas is a great choice. Matanzas is in the center of Cuba and is home to Varadero Beach, which is a popular tourist destination. Scuba diving and deep sea fishing are popular in Matanzas, and there are many locations where residents and vacationers can rent a boat for the day. Vacationers are also attracted to this area, because it is the home of Montemar National Park. This beautiful park attracts nature lovers throughout the world. There, you'll see a wide variety of exotic wildlife, rare species of animals and over 150 species of birds, which makes it a popular spot for bird watching. The park is also known for its peaceful setting. Whether you visit this park with your spouse, your entire family or on your own, you are sure to have a wonderful, relaxing time.

Another reason to consider looking for vacation house rentals in Matanzas is that it has the best nightlife for those interested in the arts. Many popular Cuban artists, poets and musicians hold events in this city. There are also two railway stations in Matanzas, making it easy for visitors to travel throughout the city.

Private Home Rentals for Holiday

Hostal OCM Versalles is located in Matanzas and offers residents the opportunity to enjoy their vacations in a luxurious setting that feels like home. The vacation home offered at Hostal OCM Versalles is a well-preserved colonial style home. With two luxurious rooms available you can choose between the deluxe or premium vacation suites or rent the Hostal OCM Versalles house as a whole. Each suite at this location has a private bathroom, an extra-long bed, a flat-screen television and air conditioning. You can order meals and enjoy authentic Cuban cuisine throughout your stay, and a bar is available if you'd like to relax and have a drink. The views from the Hostal OCM Versalles are breathtaking. If you decide to make this your Cuban vacation home, you won't regret your choice!

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